VCU Math Colloquium: Swarms, Models, and the Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics at VCU Academic Learning Commons Room 2100

Friday, 12 April, 2019


VCU Math Colloquium Poster

Schools of fish, flocks of birds, herds of mammals, and even colonies of bacteria all show behavior we call "swarming," but these groups are difficult to understand biologically and mathematically. Professor Topaz will give an overview of how social and biological interactions lead to swarming behavior. He will also discuss how mathematical modeling (describing the real world with mathematics) can be used to study locust swarms, which are the most massive and destructive swarms on Earth. Swarming is related to many phenomena of collective behavior in nature and society, where seemingly independent objects -- like neurons, metronomes, and even people -- start to act in the same way. No technical knowledge of mathematics is needed for this talk.

Chad Topaz is a Professor of Mathematics at Williams College who is interested in data science; applied computational topology; nonlinear dynamics and pattern formation; mathematical modeling; mathematical biology;  educational psychology and learning science; technology; diversity; art.




VCU Academic Learning Commons Room 2100
1000 Floyd Ave
2nd Floor
Richmond, VA 23284

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Ihsan Topaloglu

Phone: 804-827-5277
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