RVA Environmental Film Festival at North Courthouse Library

Wednesday, 07 February, 2018


Local Flowers, Local Farmers: A Growing American Movement
A movement back to locally-grown flowers is gaining strength across the United States. Visits to farms, interviews with farmers, buyers, and florists portrays the benefits of local over imported flowers.

Lisa Ziegler, a reknown local grower and author of several books on this topic will speak about her experiences in local flower growing and marketing.

A Blooming Business
It's time to wake up and small the imported roses. On the shores of lake Naivasha in Kenya flower farms have enslaved the locals, poisoned the fish and dried out the land. As we follow the lives of a few brave flower workers, the true cost of the world flower industry unfolds.




North Courthouse Library
325 Courthouse Road
Richmond, VA 23236

Event Contact

Carille Ribley

Phone: 804 317 8332

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