Winter Design Camp by Branch Museum of Architecture and Design at The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design

Thursday, 28 December, 2017


Winter Design Camp!

The Branch is offering a design-based winter camp for children age 7-12 during the holidays. Wondering how to spend winter break? Look no further! Holiday activities, design workshops, history, and collage!

Day 1: Symbols, Shapes, Shields! Design your own Coat of Arms and Building Ornamentation Architectural styles can be identified based on colors, shapes, and technological advancements. We will look at the architectural styles present in The Branch House, their shapes and colors, and the symbols and ornamentation that have been added on for decoration – the carved wooden choir screen, plaster ceilings, Branch Family Coat of arms, stone carving, and secret rooms. Campers will discuss how buildings and spaces can be designed to “feel” certain ways – cozy, strong, intimidating, welcoming – and convey information about the building’s owners and inhabitants. Campers will then design their own ornamentation, inspired by the visual references around them, to help a space convey an idea. Campers will be able to create a coat of arms to take home that uses symbols and shapes to represent themselves, their values, and their family!

Day 2: Geometric Light: Stained Glass windows workshop Campers will take a tour of The Branch House, with special emphasis on the windows and doors, and what can be seen from the windows. We will look at different examples of windows and doors throughout history, and explore how they were made. Campers will design and draw a set of windows and doors, and using craft supplies create stained-glass windows to take home.

Day 3: Landscape Design: Redesign the Back Gardens We will take a tour of The Branch House to include the grounds and gardens, looking especially at the way the building interacts with the gardens. Campers will examine the original plans for the gardens, and how they are similar and different to what the gardens actually look like, and what future plans for the back gardens are. Using a template of the footprint of the grounds and the building, campers will map out where the terrace originally would have gone, and design their own back gardens.

You can register on our website at; camp is 10:00AM – 2:00PM each day; $20 per day, or $50 for all three days. Questions? Don’t hesitate to call us at 804-644-3041 ext. 151, or email us at


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